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AAG Acquired New Certificates

By 28 September 2005October 28th, 2021No Comments

Just last month, Al Abbar Architectural Glass (AAG) received 3 new certifications for its insulated glass products each from Insulated Glass Certification Council (IGCC), Insulated Glass Manufacturer’s Alliance (IGMA) and the Safety Glass Certification Council (SGCC). With these new certifications AAG’s products are slowly breaking in to mainstream glass standards recognized and accepted worldwide. Ezhilenthi Narayanan, Quality Manager, Al Abbar Group talks more about these certifications and the efforts his team are establishing for AAG to meet high quality standards.

“To achieve good quality product, first, it must start on our people and that is where we are now. Our people gradually grasp the concept of quality”, says Narayanan, stressing that quality begins with the kind of people in a company. AAG’s new management has always been serious in developing its products through compliance to various glass processing standards known today.

When asked on how important these certifications were, Narayanan shares, “These product certifications opens up new opportunities for AAG, moreover, certifications from IGCC, IGMA and SGCC are industry requirements which only improves the competitive factor of AAG in the market”. Certifications speak for the products, and in this quality conscious marketplace, especially in the architectural glass industry, quality is a prime concern.

However, acquiring these certifications doesn’t come easily. A number of preparations were made by his team from preparation of pertinent documents, test samples to constant dialogues with the certifying body. Now all measures have been successfully met, AAG had just had an upgrade of the quality of its products which according to Narayanan, is a result of the people’s commitment to quality. This in turn, makes the products competitive at the same time the expertise and quality of the people behind AAG.

Currently his team is now working on another certification called a CE certification. This will be endowed by The Netherlands Organization and Conformite Europeene for AAG products to qualify the European market. Also an Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) Safety conformity is underway.

Looking forward into the future of AAG, he says, “We foresee AAG as one among the region’s leading and prestigious architectural glass company and we need not to talk much of our products, our certifications will” – A glittering future indeed.