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AAG Acquires the Largest Tempering Line in the World

By 28 September 2005October 28th, 2021No Comments

AAG made a bold investment in the future by acquiring the largest heat treatment furnace available worldwide: the ProE MAGNUM Jumbo Line, manufactured by Tamglass Finland.

The bedload can take a single sheet of 3300mm x 7200mm, accepting thicknesses from 4mm up to 19mm for full tempering and up to 10mm for heat strengthening.A breakthrough in technology for heating control, convection method, quenching / cooling systems and high efficiency, the ProE will safeguard and produce optimum quality products.

Apart from processing traditional clear , tinted, pyrolitic and sila-coat glass-types , the ProE MAGNUM permits the explicit handling of post-temperable LowE glass-types with varying emissivities.

The line is expected at AAG for installation in May and subsequent commissioning end of June 2005.