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Al Abbar Achieves Group ISO 9001:2000

By 28 September 2001October 28th, 2021No Comments

As a result of the company’s efforts to enhance its Quality Management Systems (QMS) that will boost its standards and meet the ever demanding requirements of its clients, Al Abbar Group welcomes achieves an ISO 9001:2000 certification under Dekra Vincotte Certification USA, Inc. early this year.

Completed in two phases, the ISO certification started with Al Abbar Architectural Glass (AAG) in 2001. Al Abbar Quality Management team ,led by Ezhilenthi Narayanan, worked all pertinent jobs for its application. Departmental documentation.

Works were complied and adequate Internal Quality Audits (IQA) & Management Review Meetings (MRM) were conducted. Then, the external certification process begins through the usual procedures : Documentation Review, Pre Assessment Audit, Certification Audit, Surveillance Audit (4 audits during the 3 year period) and Renewal Certification Audit – All of which are conducted by a third party certified auditors from the certifying body.

On successful completion of audits, Al Abbar Aluminium, Al Abbar Stainless Steel and Al Abbar Coatings ISO 9000:2001 certifications were achieved through the company’s certifying body, AIB Vincotte.

Originating from Brussels, Belgium, and now in the USA, AIB Vincotte has recently teamed up with DEKRA Certification GmbH. DEKRA GmbH is an international service provider with worldwide focus. The company is providing Management Systems, Product and Personnel Certification Services. This joint venture of DEKRA Certification GmbH and AIB Vincotte not only enriches the existing services of AIB but also enable it offer many additional services to its clients with a flexibility of providing highly qualified experienced auditing and inspection resources worldwide. Thus, the name is changed to DEKRA VINCOTTE CERTICATION USA, INC since July 1, 2007.