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Growing Our Global Presence

By 21 December 2021January 3rd, 2022No Comments

New Beginnings

As we emerge into the post-pandemic era, Al Abbar Group is looking to expand its reach into a truly global market. The challenge for us is how to do this while maintaining the sense of individual care that has been the hallmark of our brand since it was established in 1959.

Adapting to Local Market Conditions

From our experience in serving markets around the Middle East, India, Europe, and the Americas we recognise that individual regions need to be served in different ways; of course, each region has its own unique climatic and environmental requirements but in addition each region has a preferred approach to procurement, to division of responsibility, to detailing and to warranties.

We recognise that markets are different and the only way to truly serve them is to engage with local partners that have strong insights into the local market, a portfolio of existing clients and a real stake in opening up new opportunities. We recognise the value of local partners that are established within a given market and the value that they bring in terms of understanding what the clients wants and what the client needs so that we can better tailor our offerings to suit their requirements.

Agile Workflow

This ability to adapt to global markets is a result of the Al Abbar Group’s mindset that change is inevitable and therefore to be encouraged. We are geared up for change. We are committed to supporting our clients from beginning to end and we can adapt our position, our approach and our products to suit the requirements of a given project. 

Using this approach, we can bring a sense of agility to our process. We can foresee and adapt to change, we can optimise our designs to reduce cost and optimise speed of delivery without compromising quality. This agility model is the main reason we have been successful in serving new and emerging global markets.

Our Clients / Our Partners

We have always considered our clients to be our primary partners on any undertaking to design, fabricate and install our facade envelope solutions. By working hand-in-glove with our clients we can accommodate change and develop targeted approaches towards excellence in partnership with our clients.

Simultaneous Design and Manufacture

Given the rapidly changing landscape of procurement in the facade supply industry Al Abbar Group has had to develop new approaches to meeting increasingly onerous project deadlines. One recent approach is the development of designs even while the manufacturing process is taking place.

We are able to do this based on the wealth of experience that we have built up overtime allowing us to initiate a project with a pre-existing framework solution.

This allows us to fabricate and install certain ‘first-fix’ items like the fixing brackets and procure longer lead items simultaneously. While these are in process we are able to refine the detailing approach and further develop other aspects of the design such as the capping profiles. Following this approach, we are able to far exceed the delivery timeframes of our competitors and bring real benefits to our clients.

30 Years of Developing a Unique Global Supply Chain.

As a company Al Abbar Group is constantly striving to improve our performance. This approach has allowed us to develop a unique global supply chain over the last 30 years. The supply chain is based on quality relationships with trusted partners around the world and allows us to deliver on time and on budget in any corner of the globe.

Our internal database of supply chain partners is 2nd to none and is audited through a continuous set of QAQC improvement standards.

We have handpicked tried and tested supply chain entities and built up relationships with international manufacturers over the years. In this way, we have established a reliable and efficient supply chain network across the globe and our logistics team is geared up to provide a streamlined process that has been perfected over the last 30 years.  

Broad Range of Entities That We Are Able to Draw On.

Al Abbar Group has an incredibly broad range of entities that we are able to draw on. From sheet and glass suppliers to extrusion specialists, to window frame and door system suppliers we are able to call upon a global expertise resource at a moment’s notice. Years of in-the-field testing and improvements mean that we minimise learning on the job and only bring the best possible expertise to every project.

Sustainable Procurement is Important to Us.

“Our mission is to improve the standard of sustainable buildings globally.”

We plan to face the challenges of environmental stewardship. As suppliers to the building industry, we have an ethical responsibility to strive to develop, implement, and improve our standards of sustainable cladding solutions.

Our research divisions specialise in developing new and optimal solutions for building cladding. For us, every project is a new opportunity to push forward the boundaries of sustainable design and test our high-performance glazing typologies.

Wherever possible we support the use of recycled material content in our products and seek out a supply chain that does not demand a high embodied carbon footprint based on excessive transportation requirements.

We are committed to the use of low VLC/sustainable coatings in all of our projects and we prioritise the use of locally available materials that minimise transportation costs, encourage the growth of local businesses and in the end benefit our clients through more cost-effective solutions.

The proof is in the numbers.

While we can talk of our achievements in the abstract we feel that the numbers speak for themselves. Our factory floor of over 100,000 m² of facilities across five separate global supply centres and eight global design offices are a testament to our commitment to the facade industry.

With over 5000 employees Al Abbar Group is able to bring the necessary manpower to deliver projects on time and on budget anywhere in the world.

In this way we can bring our sense of quality, commitment, innovation, and sustainability to all of the projects that we have the opportunity to become involved with.