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Our Approach

Our approach is focused on generating pioneering, cutting-edge and bespoke solutions for our clients.

We collaborate with our global partners to implement pioneering projects.

We have an excellent track record in providing world-class projects in the Middle East, South and East Asia, Americas and Europe, We work together with our clients and stakeholders to agree with expectations, quality standards and deliverables for every stage of the design development.

Our quality control system and our commitment to health & safety have resulted in a world-class reputation for project delivery.

Our approach is to combine commitment, quality, sustainability and innovation to best serve our customer’s needs.


At Al Abbar Group, we not only deliver our expertise to our customers and societies but also enable environments that will benefit them for the long term. Whether for public safety or environmental protection, together with our stakeholders, Al Abbar Group has helped to streamline procedures and systems to generate sustainable project outcomes.

We deliver excellence by applying our global experience in protecting the environment, promoting local business opportunities, and partnering with communities.

We are committed from beginning to end to ensure the best possible quality of service and finished product.


We provide excellent design, engineering and project management services for all of our projects, satisfying the applicable health, safety, environmental, statutory, regulatory and contractual requirements as well as stakeholders’ objectives. As a business, we strive to refine our process at every turn through incremental yet consistent change, seeking the highest quality in all that we do.

Al Abbar Group periodically reviews its procedures, plans, policy and commitment statements for its suitability, satisfaction and growth in compliance with its Client’s QHSE requirements, Policy and System Safety Rules.

Al Abbar Group takes full responsibility for the implementation of these specified measures and commits to operating by best international standards & procedures of construction practices.



Al Abbar Group has a clear commitment to excel in environmental, sustainability and health & Safety throughout all of our operations, businesses and products. Al Abbar Group is committed to conducting its business activity in a manner that will safeguard the health and safety of all employees and ensure a hazard-free environment.

As an experienced supplier to LEED construction projects, Al Abbar Group is committed to :

  • Complying with environmental guidelines of best practice.
  • Supporting the process of LEED certification at every step of our supply chain.
  • Fulfilling and exceeding the requirements of LEED and other rating systems as required.
  • Ecospecifier

Assessing products in the context of International Green Building Rating Schemes and delivers full awareness of the eco-preferred properties of our products

Our comprehensive, integrated, and tailored sustainability approach means that we:

  • Value our people and their safety
  • Deliver on our client commitments
  • Understand and add value to our clients’ businesses
  • Respect our partners, communities, and environment
  • Make use of standardized systems in the design phase
  • Make use of sustainable materials in construction
  • Challenge, innovate and evolve as a company and as a culture

Delivering Optimised Outcomes

Sustainability is considered from the beginning of a project design thus enabling full integration in the design process. This has the effect of reducing future operational costs, minimising the use of natural resources and minimizing the carbon footprint of our projects.

Our Global Knowledge Bank

Clients gain the advantage of our global knowledge bank of sustainability learnings, programs, and innovations to help meet obligations and unlock the greatest value.


We have embedded innovation in our business strategy to drive meaningful outcomes. Our team is guided by a strict governance framework. Al Abbar ensures consistent delivery of projects across geographical borders, drawing on proven management systems to inform real-time decisions, optimise productivity and reduce costs.

We constantly seek out innovative solutions to expand the presence of our business, elevate the performance of our team and ensure the calibre of our products. Our high-performance systems ensure we are cost-effective in meeting operational challenges while delivering maximum flexibility and responsiveness. Strong corporate governance, transparent practices, high standards of behaviour and economic resilience all contribute to Al Abbar’s industry-leading business performance.

Our Expertise
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