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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a large multinational company, we exercise corporate social responsibility within our workforce and within the communities in which we operate.

Empowering Our People

Corporate Social Responsibility is critical to the long-term relationship with our employees, and the customers and communities with which we work. 

These responsibilities ensure that we conduct our business with ethical and social considerations, taking into account our environmental impact and individual human rights.

  • Our responsibilities extend to protecting the environment and our workforce. 
  • We ensure that our corporate social responsibility policy is firmly embedded in our organizational culture. 
  • Demanding performance criteria have been developed to measure and improve the contribution that we make in all aspects of our approach to CSR. 
  • We involve members of staff at all levels to ensure our values are reflected.

Making Tangible Impacts

  • We positively promote these values in our activities and places of work, meeting and exceeding the future demands placed upon us. 
  • Designs must support the central requirements of a given project,  by incorporating flexibility and dual-use into our systems designs, the life of a building can be dramatically extended, potentially reducing the need for costly and wasteful redevelopment in the future. 
  • We have long been a sustainability market leader in the construction field and we drive the goal of sustainability throughout the design and construction life of a project.
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