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Our Capabilities

Our teams use avant-garde digital modelling techniques and computer-controlled manufacturing methods to ensure there is a seamless coordination between the design and manufacture of our façade systems.

Digital & Engineering Integration

Global Engineering Expertise

Our approach is to utilise the technical know-how of our team of 350 expert engineering professionals to collaborate, innovate and efficiently implement projects without impacting function or aesthetics.

Seamless Coordination

Al Abbar Group combines the aesthetic, functional and commercial requirements of a project to develop optimised building envelopes that exceed our client’s expectations.

Al Abbar Group offers a complete design, manufacture and installation service, and has the resources to see any projects, from conception to realisation no matter what the size, complexity, time constraint or budget.

We Seek Out Challenges

Following years of experience and comprehensive expertise, Al Abbar Group is seen as a market leader in the field. With an extensive understanding of glass, aluminium and steel we can develop and construct unique façade solutions to suit specific project needs. We are attracted by new challenges and as such, act as a major innovator in the industry.

Team of 350
expert engineering

End-to-end Delivery: Digital Integration

Al Abbar Group maintains a fully integrated digitised production line in all departments from production planning, design, engineering and manufacturing through to production logistics and installation.

Through the adoption of the latest technology to build our digital capability, we are focused on inventing new digital methodologies to solve complex construction industry challenges.

Our teams are enabled to work in any global location using advanced collaboration technology.

Performance Mockup & Testing
Global Presence