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Rainscreen Cladding, Aluminium Composite Solid Panels & Mashrabiya

While Aluminium as a material contributes to sustainable architecture, the composite panels are as strong as steel and are lightweight thus reducing the use of steel in the building design. These can be a great option for many building projects.

Apart from providing flexible design options for Architects, Aluminium Composite Panels provide functional and decorative surfaces that are weather-resistant, rigid and easy to maintain.

Mashrabiya Example

Mashrabiya can work as an environmental screening or protection device against direct sunlight and effectively reduces heat gain through the glazed elements of a project. The combination of functionality and aesthetics is one of the most important factors for Mashrabiya façades. Al Abbar Group makes use of modern technology and intelligent solutions to meet all your Mashrabiya cladding requirements for a given project.

Aluminium Composite Panels provide a façade solution that are easy to fabricate and install. Rainscreen cladding systems offer energy saving and acoustic performance thanks to the thermal insulation at external walls and ventilated air cavity behind the cladding. The fire stop barrier at slab level avoids the chimney effect in the case of fire.

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