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Blast-Proof Glazing Systems

The glazing systems of a building are the first part of a structure to be loaded in external accidental and/or deliberate explosions; thus, it offers the first line of defence against these extreme loading conditions. Glazing fragments or shards remain a primary source of injury to occupants of buildings after explosive events. As a result, utmost effort must be placed in designing the glazing systems of a building against blast loading to minimise injury and damage.

Our blast proof façades, doors and windows are designed to provide the highest protection against blast impact.

Our blast-resistant glazing systems are based on an ideal combination of the rigidity and compressive strength of glass with the plasticity and energy-absorbing properties of polymer interlayers, such as PVB. Laminated glass or fully tempered glass as the required criteria Class I (elastic) or Classes II, II or IV (plastic) to be selected. Anchorage of the frame to the structure shall be designed to remain as a dynamic reaction from the frame as a static load. The glass should remain in the test frame to prevent the glass from becoming a source of injury and harming people on the safe side.

Our design and calculations of blast-proof systems and engineered products are independently tested by the procedure under ISO/FDIS 16933 to verify their ability to withstand a blast loading.

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