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Point-Fixed Glass Façades

Point-Fixed glass Façades are highly engineered systems that offer an array of options to architects when detailing the glass, fittings, frames and connections on a project façade. In such a system the façade consists of fully tempered glass (heat soaked tested)  with bolted fittings that are fixed directly to the structure. The glass units can be supported by glass fins, steel members or stainless steel cables.

In point-fixed glazing systems the façade is designed to minimise the visibility of the structure and maximum visual clarity.

In such a system the façade is designed to minimise the visibility of the structure and maximum visual clarity. A silicone sealant between glass units provides weatherproofing.

Point-fixed glazing can be designed and engineered for all shapes of façades, roofs and canopies in single glazed, double glazed or triple glazed as per the thermal and acoustic requirements of a particular design. In order for the fittings and glasswork to work together as one assembly every load, deflection and movement case must be analysed independently by finite element analysis. Glass support at point fixings takes dead, wind and live loads from the façade and allows for building movements. Installation of subframes, hardware, glass units, joint sealant and perimeter sealing, insulation and metal work is done entirely on-site. Structural and weather tests are conducted at independent test laboratories in order to validate the design- and engineering works.

Al Abbar Group can provide full design, manufacture and installation of your Point-Fixed glazing requirements. We work with several leading suppliers to enable us to manage the costs of the projects and make sure we can supply the best quality and the best prices.

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