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Architectural Decorative Glass Processing

From the simplest of lines to more elaborate designs, transparent glass can be transformed with the addition of silk-screening, sandblasting, opaci-coating and/or other surface treatments.

Modern glass façades are exploring new aesthetic approaches that incorporate decorative glass elements into curtain-wall designs.

Digitally Printed Glass (DecoPrint)

Direct printing from computer to glass eliminates the need to prepare, store, clean or maintain expensive and delicate screens and allows designers to create customised, intricate multi-coloured designs, made durable and safe through heat treatment. Digital printing on glass opens a whole new realm of possibilities for architects and designers by offering a cost-effective method to create exclusive designs for large façades, windows, skylights, balconies, internal partitions or individual pieces.

Containing sub-micron glass particles and inorganic pigments, the ceramic inks ensure that colours and applications withstand the test of time and the environment. The lead and cadmium-free inks are suitable for heat treatment and lamination after firing. The ink selection can be mixed and matched to create a wide range of colour, density and visual effect options and unique opacity control can produce different levels of opacity in the same design.

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum glass size: 2800mm x 3700mm
  • Minimum glass size: 400x400mm
  • Glass thickness: 4 to 19mm
  • Print heads: 24, drop-on-demand process type
  • Printing: Up to 6 colours simultaneously, limitless spot colouring through digital mixing. Simultaneous multi-colour
  • Print quality:
    • Resolution 360 dpi (real)
    • Thickness: 10/80 microns wet
    • Rater frequency 40 LPI
  • Capacity range: Up to 45m2/hour, depending on the number of colours, opacity, coverage and quality
  • Image processing:
    • Formats acceptable: PDF, PS, EPS, Tiff, BMP, JPEG
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