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Frameless Glass Partitions

Our divider wall systems are designed with many similarities to our balustrade system such as the loading assumptions and and design codes.

Glass panes are supported by a continuous channel (Aluminium or Steel ) anchored to slab at the bottom (mainly dead load bracket) and top to a channel fixed to a subframe behind the ceiling or at the upper slab. Heat-strengthened glass,  laminated (PVB or SGP) is the primary choice of glass type but fully-tempered glass can also be used in high load applications.

Our frameless glass wall system is engineered to meet the technical specifications of architects and interior design professionals. Our unique capability includes full height floor-to-ceiling applications, faceted or curved wall configuration options, custom graphics and textures, and high-quality hardware and fittings.

Our Frameless Glass Partitions are an aesthetically superior alternative to solid walls and a premium choice for organising and dividing interior commercial spaces.

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