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Aluminium & Steel Skylights

Al Abbar Group provides the most energy-efficient design, engineering, fabrication, and installation of commercial, residential and bespoke aluminium and steel skylights ensuring high quality and accuracy.

Our capabilities include the manufacture of skylights with flat, unconventional surfaces or shapes and lightweight geometrics structures. Corrosion-resistant galvanized painted steel or powder-coated aluminium extrusions ensure high quality and accuracy. Skylight glazing can be transparent or tinted high performance double or triple glazed units with laminated glass at the inner layer as required.

Skylights allow for natural light to penetrate through the roof. It is an environmentally friendly solution for bringing light into residential or commercial buildings. Using natural rather than artificial light saves energy.

Our Skylight systems are designed to allow installation from the building exterior and have two lines of water defence at the frames, with ventilation and drainage of condensation to primary gutters.  We also design and integrate fall arrests, Building Maintenance Unit tracks, sunshades, integrated solar panel systems, and lightning protection as part of the skylight framing. The skylight can be accessible for maintenance and cleaning purposes via catwalks or the glass itself can be engineered to withstand live loads from maintenance staff using rope access.

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