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Active Façade Systems & Solutions

Al Abbar Group’s active curtain wall systems incorporate an adjustable flap that allows hot air to circulate back to the exterior in the summer and keep hot air inside the building during the winter season. This mechanical flap is powered by a Photo-voltaic solar  Cell integrated with the curtain wall.

Active façades can greatly reduce energy costs (both air conditioning & heating), and provide excellent acoustic performance and greater comfort for the building occupants.

As a group, we have all capabilities in-house to design, engineer, manufacture, and install complete active façade systems with all their related mechanics and specified requirements.

Computational Fluid Dynamics Capabilities

As part of our service, Al Abbar Group undertakes a solar study, to identify the façade areas subject to high solar radiation and runs Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis to assess the distribution of the airflow within the cavity and to minimise the risk of acoustic disturbances resulting from the airflow.

Our Engineers evaluate the temperatures in the different layers of the façade by running a double skin thermal analysis, to assess the overall U-value of the cladding and also gauge the acoustic and solar performance. The shading controls are managed by control software that can be linked to the MEP and building management system design.

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