Architectural Flat & Curved Glass Processing

Al Abbar Group Architectural Glass division maintains its position in the forefront of the glass processing industry by steadily exploring and investing in new and improved glass processing technologies.

Our processing facility manufactures an increasingly sophisticated range of new glass products and secures Al Abbar Group Architectural Glass division as a leading global supplier of quality and innovative architectural glass products.

Increasingly sophisticated products are essential to meet the ever more challenging building designs generated by the world’s leading architects.

Transforming architectural concepts into reality requires the processing, assembly, and installation of ever more versatile and sophisticated glass products.

Al Abbar Group Architectural Glass division not only provides practical support and advice on the selection of glass for buildings but also on the design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation of complex point-fix assemblies, frameless shop-fronts, and entrances, shower enclosures, partitions, balustrades, and glass staircases. In addition, we can provide silk-screened or enamelled frit as per client specifications.

In recent years, the glass-processing industry has experienced unprecedented growth to satisfy market demands for high-tech high-performance architectural glass products.

Al Abbar Group Architectural Glass division is a pioneer in producing quality insulating glass that provides effective solar and thermal control. We also provide heat-strengthened and fully tempered glass to ensure resistance to service stresses and laminated glass to ensure acoustic improvements and physical safety. We are a leading supplier of processed glass products and we continue to satisfy the needs of interactive building design and modern construction.

State-of-the-art equipment such as jumbo tempering ovens, mould-less bending systems and intricate silk-screen printers allow us to provide complicated insulating glass units that can transform architectural visions into reality.

Al Abbar Group’s glass facility operates under a strict quality regime and has received certifications from international insulating and safety councils, as well as accreditation for specialised processing. Our commitment to environmental stewardship is demonstrated through both its responsible manufacturing processes and its energy-efficient solutions for glass products.

Al Abbar GroupArchitectural Glass division supports the implementation of specific Green Building Rating Systems such as LEED, Estidama, Breeam to help quantify the degree of sustainability in new constructions.

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