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High Performance Solar Control Glass Coatings

Our high-performance and selective low emissivity glass products, processed under the license of one of the world’s leading coating companies, are assessed and listed with an internationally recognised pre-assessment database.

As an independent coating company, Al Abbar Group Architectural Glass division is not limited to standard substrates and is in a position to consider other substrates for coating deposition.

All our coatings are deposited by magnetron sputtering, which is a vacuum electromagnetic technique commonly used in the glass industry for spectrally selective coated products.  Al Abbar Group Architectural Glass coatings, accredited through a ‘Glaverbel Stopray and Solarbel license’, are processed under a stringent technology transfer and monitoring agreement to produce identical and original Stopray & Solarbel coatings.

The carefully selected range of float substrates for the Cool Ray, Cool Pane and e-Cool vary from clear, grey, green, blue and bronze glass in lighter and darker shades.

High Performance, Low Emissivity Glass

CoolRay and e-Cool 

Cool Ray and e-Cool are high light transmittance and high performance, soft-coated glass-types featuring double or single silver, low emissivity coatings. CoolRay coatings are ideal for residential applications or high-rise buildings that require a high degree of daylight to improve the productivity, comfort and well-being of building occupants.

Depending on the coating type and when deposited on clear float glass, the externally viewed colour may vary from a neutral (CoolRay Elite, Crystal and Astron) to a slightly greenish (CoolRay Safir and Galaxy) or bluish (Cool Ray Carat) colour impression. Deposited on a tinted substrate, these coatings truly enhance the natural colour.

The selective action of the metals used in the Cool Ray and e-Cool coatings has several effects.

The benefits of high-performance coatings include:

  • Allowing maximum light transmission to maintain a high level of internal natural light and increasing the level of ambient comfort. 
  • Allowing low indoor reflectivity, making it the ideal selection for residential use through unrestrained evening or night view. 
  • Substantial reduction of direct solar radiation, resulting in low solar factors and shading coefficients. 
  • Low Ug-values that can be enhanced with additional gas-filling. 

Cool Ray Gold, Amber and Topaz are a range of gold coatings that further enrich the broad palette of available distinctive colours.

Global Lake View


CoolPane is a traditional low light transmittance solar control glass-type, coated with various metal oxides. Due to the relative ‘hard’ coating, Cool Pane can be installed in a single glazed version, with the coatings facing the inside of the building. 

This coating type is designed primarily to:

  • Reflect and absorb solar radiation through specific reduction of light transmittance. 
  • Eliminate the dazzling effect of unprotected intense sunshine and because of its low light transmittance, act as a screen against direct glare. 
  • Create a ‘privacy’ glazing to prevent outsiders from seeping into the building under normal daylight conditions. 
  • Increase usable floor space, making it the ideal choice for commercial buildings. 
  • Safeguard a harmonising effect between vision and spandrels, for façades that require maximum uniformity.
  • Cool Pane’s adaptability makes it an ideal glass type for use at all latitudes.
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